I am grateful to have worked with talented and generous individuals. Here are some of their kind words and testimonials, as well as kudos from appreciative readers.

Fabulous job! Couldn’t have imagined anything stronger. I am left really inspired, and I am sure our readers will be too. Love it!

Sharon Bruckman

CEO and founder, Natural Awakenings

YOU ARE THE BOMB! You have a flair for bringing out the humanness in your stories. I appreciate your timeliness and thoroughness!

Pat Horwell

Editor, Florida Weekly

You have done a GREAT job on all these assignments. Thank you so much!

Cindy Pierce

Senior editor, Florida Weekly

Wow. Your writing is such a blessing. Powerful piece, gifted sister!

Debbie Kirchdorfer Slusser

Publisher, Beyond the Gates

Rick [Hanson, Ph.D.] has looked over the article and says it’s great as is … “kind of a first!” He’s grateful for your talents.

Sui Oakland

Senior administrator, Being Well Inc.

Your article is beautiful. You did a skillful job of clearly highlighting really important points in a small amount of text.

Leslie Davenport

Climate psychology educator and author

Your article was beautifully done. You represented the soul and spirit of coaching–the art and science. Well done.

Fran Fisher

Master certified coach

I just wanted to tell you how much I liked the interview questions/answers and whole shebang!! This is GREAT and VITAL information for EVERYONE to be exposed to as we move forward into the New Age!! Kudos!!

Doug Zerbarini

Publisher, Natural Awakenings (Denver)

I’m editing today, and your stories are spot-on. Thank you for making my job easier!

Cindy Pierce

Senior editor, Florida Weekly

I saw Dr. Erner yesterday when I was delivering his magazines, and he was so thrilled to tell me that he got 11 new patients in response to the article you wrote!!! I wanted to be sure to send a special thank you and to let you know the good news. WOW!! Awesome, awesome!

Carolyn Coogan

Publisher, Natural Awakenings (Albany)

Wow, I think this was a good topic for you. I love the way you handled it and got some good tips myself. Nice to have the extra word count. Thank you!!

Sharon Bruckman

CEO and founder, Natural Awakenings

I highly recommend Sandra Yeyati, my writer. She does great work and I have received amazing feedback from the advertisers/readers about her interviews that she does over the phone with my spotlight pieces.

Shelly Searle

Publisher, Natural Awakenings (Austin)

This was great! Mark and I agree that you did a wonderful job capturing the important aspects of the conversation. THANK YOU!

Cindy and Mark Mincolla

Author, nutritional therapist and energy healer

You are a miracle worker. Thank you for coming to my rescue once again!

Sharon Bruckman

CEO and founder, Natural Awakenings

I’m proofing the pages now. The edition looks GREAT, many thanks to so many of your great photos and stories. 

Cindy Pierce

Senior editor, Ave Maria Sun